I Don’t Like Change!

Actually, I sort of do, but I know that I am strange that way.  Most of  us don’t.  We get used to how things are, get comfortable, and enjoy the ride.  When that shifts, whether that be a personal or workplace change, we often don’t know how to handle it well.  Since the only constant in world is change, it might be in our best interest to be prepared to respond, in a way we would be proud.

–   Admit that change is happening or about to happen.  Denying it prolongs the inevitable.

–  Expect that it will cause stress. We can often manage stress better when we know that we are stressed.

–  Share your fears, concerns, worries.  Find a trustworthy source and talk.  Often when we talk about our fears, we give them less power.

–  Try not to be bitter. This slows down the speed at which we accept the change.  Look forward, not back.

–  Give it a chance.  This may be a great opportunity.

–   Seek support from friends, family, or a  professional.  Talking about it helps ease frustration, and provides us with different perspectives.