Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services do you provide?
Individual, couples, family counseling, Telehealth (V-Tel), and walk and talk therapy is offered. We work with children, teens, and adults.

How long are the sessions?
Sessions run approximately 45 to 50 minutes.

How long will I have to be in therapy?
The time it takes in therapy varies from one person to the next. Some can find resolution in as few as one session, others spend years. On average, we see patients from 10-15 sessions.

How much is each session?
We are in network with most insurance plans resulting in most or all of your visit being covered by insurance. Our fees are $215/hour for your initial session and $165/hour thereafter. We accept HSA cards, cash, check, or major credit cards. Reduced fees are available on a limited basis.

Do you see patients who are out of network?

Yes we do.  We also offer a sliding fee for patients not interested in using their insurance.

What are your hours?
Monday 9:00-7:00
Tuesday 9:00-7:00
Wednesday 9:00-7:00
Thursday 9:00-7:00
Friday: By appointment
Saturday: Closed

What should I expect when I get there?
When you arrive in the waiting room, the receptionist or your therapist will meet with you and provide intake paperwork. This can also be completed prior to your visit (click here for Helpful Forms).  Once in the office, you can sit on either a couch or chair and we briefly discuss the intake paperwork and confidentiality.  Generally we ask the reason for your visit and start an open discussions from there.  Before you leave, we will provide recommendations and discuss the recommended frequency of future visits.

How do I know if I should go to a therapist?
Seeking a therapist is a personal preference. If you are looking to experience a more enjoyable life, seeking to feel less irritable, or wanting someone to discuss frustrations with, therapy may be for you.  An individual in therapy can be someone who needs support for depression or anxiety, or someone seeking to better understand why they do certain things.  During our first session, we help you clarify what you are looking for.

Is everything kept confidential?
Yes. We follow HIPAA guidelines as well as the ethical guidelines based on our licensure.

Do you offer Telehealth (V-Tel) services?
Yes we do.  We offer 50 minute sessions via our HIPAA compliant webcam.  These services are covered by most insurances and we also offer a sliding scale on a limited basis.

Which States do we provide Telehealth services?

  • Minnesota
  • Florida (for information from the Florida Department of Health website click HERE)

What do I need to know about Walk and Talk Therapy?

  • What is Walk and Talk Therapy?
    The only difference between traditional therapy and Walk and Talk Therapy is that we conduct the session outdoors while walking together. The combination of therapy with exercise has a variety of benefits that include an increase in self awareness, relaxation, and an increased ability to combat depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.
  • Where is the walking location? Where do we meet?
    We meet at Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove at the Chalet. There are bathrooms there if you need to change. Be ready with your tennis shoes! We will then walk and talk throughout the quiet and beautiful tree-lined trails of the park. We set the pace together. For more detailed information about how to get to the park visit  Due to an increased interest in walk and talk therapy, we have added walking sessions outside of our building along the wooded trails.
  • How long is the Walk and Talk Session?
    Sessions are 50 minutes long, the same as our in-office sessions. The first 40-45 we walk and talk and the last 5-10 we wrap up, etc.
  • Can I switch back to office sessions? Can I alternate?
    Yes! At any time you can return to office sessions.
  • What about inclement weather?
    If the weather is not cooperating, you can decide if you would like to continue with your walk and talk session, or reschedule for a different day.
  • How much is Walk and Talk Therapy?
    We charge $100.00 for Walk and Talk Therapy. We accept HSA cards, Visa, MasterCard, cash or checks. Payment is due prior to start of session.
  • Where can I find the Walk & Talk Waiver to fill out?
    Walk & Talk Waiver
  • How do I schedule?
    Simply call 763-424-9591 or email [email protected] to get started.

What about confidentiality?
Whether we are inside or outside the office, we will always maintain your confidentiality and will not acknowledge you as my client without your signed consent, within certain parameters. You will sign the same consent form for confidentiality as you do in our office, in addition to a walk and talk therapy consent form. Prior to our first session, we will discuss how you would like to respond should we run into someone you know.

Where are you located?
Reimann Counseling Clinic, PLLC
Bell Tower South Office Building
7365 Kirkwood Court, Suite 360
Maple Grove, MN 55369