Love YOU!

“To love yourself is as much your duty as it is to love
other people.”  (Joyce Meyer)

Loving yourself.  This
is a really important concept for us to grasp especially around the holiday
season.  Holidays for many people can
bring joy, excitement and anticipation, and for others it can bring out
feelings of anxiety, sadness and loneliness. 
Whatever your reaction to the holiday season is perfectly ok.  There is no “right” way to experience a
holiday, but one thing we all can do throughout the holiday season is love

How does one practice loving themselves?  Well, it can look different for every person
and that is the best part of love – it’s not a cookie cutter shape.  For some people loving oneself happens when
the say “no” to an extra obligation, or it might be carving out time to read
each day with a cup of hot coffee in hand. 
Simple ideas to increase self-love include speaking kindly about
yourself – stop putting yourself down! 
Focus on things you are grateful for, however big or small it might be,
if it brings you joy you get to be grateful. 
Finally, take time to be still and find your center.  Don’t allow the busy-ness of the holiday
season let you forget that you need to take time to breathe, rest and be gentle
with yourself.