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I am the Tree

I just finished reading one of my favorite books, LAB GIRL, by Hope Jahren.  She grew up in Austin, Minnesota and has become a scientist.  Her main focus of research is trees.   And she is filled with metaphors about trees and light. "People are like plants:  they grow toward the light."  Such a lovely metaphor, I think, for our desire as humans to understand ourselves, others, the meaning and source of life. I think it is one of the reasons people come to therapy.  Something along the way in life has brought clouds of doubt, depression, anxiety, any number of life situations that can obscure the path, can obstruct what one felt like the direction one's life was taking. Hope Jahren studies these little seeds that fall from trees…
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Walk and Talk Therapy at Elm Creek Park

Watch our interview on Channel 12 featuring Jenny Reimann, MSW, LICSW discussing Walk and a Talk Therapy through Reimann Counseling Clinic.
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Prickly Bushes

I have finally discovered the prickly bush, an insidious vegetation that has happily grown in my little wild wood, unnoticed and unscathed, for decades.  I have turned my eyes to this bush this year with as much determination to weed it out as it is determined to grow. It hides next to little indigenous trees, behind ferns, under other bushes.  And its bark has thousands of little nettles, and one nettle burns if it connects to human skin. So, it's not an easy opponent. Day after day, I have tromped into my little wood with my wood cutter in hand and waged battle.  I am feeling mildly triumphant, if not a little battle weary. Now, however, I am noticing that there are open spaces  and bare spots in my woods…
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Summer Solstice–2017

We are moving into the longest day of the year in Minnesota, light brightening our days and often, lifting our spirits and mood.  I know I like it.   But I don't often think about what light is.  However, for thousands of years, humans have pondered the nature of light, pushing and pulling all areas of art, science, religion, philosophy, and play to try to understand its nature and power. Finally, we know light dances in paradox. When scientists study light and expect it to act as a particle, it is a particle. When scientists study it as a wave, it is a wave. Of course, this is impossible because a particle has mass, and a wave does not. One scientist said light becomes the answer to the question we ask.…
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Flowers and Weeds

With warm, sun-filled days, I am weeding.  My yard is a standard suburb lot, unusual for its many trees, a mini forest surrounding my home. And with this natural beauty, I plant annual flowers in pots around the yard and delight in the robust perennials. And I weed. I find the sun and fresh air lift my mood. I also notice that my mind calms as I routinely pull weeds between brick walkways and along the driveway. I am also aware that some plants are plants when they grow where I want them to grow. The same plants are weeds when they volunteer in a place I don't want them to grow. This reminds me of thought, our thinking process. Some thoughts are appropriate at a certain time and place,…
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